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Is Cyber Trading University a Scam?

An Honest Review From a Student


My entry into the trading world three years ago began like many others: I scoured the internet for as much free trading education as I possibly could. But eventually, it was clear that Youtube videos and PDF’s weren’t going to make me a millionaire – I needed mentorship. 

After tons of research reading reviews and testing out trials, I decided to become a student of Fausto Pugliese from Cyber Trading University, which has taken my trading to a whole new level. 

When I did my due diligence on Cyber Trading University, I found a few bad reviews (most likely from competitors) and even a forum post asking “is Cyber Trading University a scam?”

Obviously, the good reviews outweighed the bad (or else I wouldn’t be a student!). But the internet’s a funny thing, small voices can seem larger than they are…

So, I slapped this little page together to clear the air and give you an honest review of Cyber Trading University from a current student. 

My Experience at Cyber Trading University

I first discovered Fausto Pugliese through his Youtube channel where he posts daily videos about trading strategies and his morning meetings where he creates his daily watchlist. 

I found Fausto to be a charismatic and knowledgeable trader. His down-to-earth, no BS attitude about trading was a much-needed break from the typical salesman-turned-trading “experts” or the stodgy professor types.

I never heard of Level III or the Nasdaq Bookviewer before until I watched a video of Fausto explaining what it is and how traders can use it with Time and Sales to follow a market makers’ orders in a stock. The ECN book, iceberg orders, bid/ask refreshing – all of these terms were foreign to me.

It was like a lightbulb finally clicked on in my head! I was so used to relying on lagging indicators and chart patterns that gave me no advantage in the market. In a sense, I realized I was trading blind. 

I was hooked.

I signed up for one of Fausto’s weekly webinars and then jumped into a 7 day trial of his trading chatroom. 

What really stood out to me about CTU was their high level of customer service. When you call, they pick up – every time. Every student who signs up with CTU gets assigned an education adviser who helps with any questions you might have. 

The chatroom made me a bit nervous; it was obvious that it wasn’t for complete beginners. A lot of the traders in the room knew what they were doing and were mostly posting stock callouts and profits/losses instead of asking questions.

I soon realized that most of the traders were students who’ve taken advanced courses with Cyber Trading University. They clearly knew something I didn’t – and I had to fix that. Not long after, I signed up for CTU’s course and became a “Gold student”.

I joined the CTU family.

As a Gold student, I had access to Phase 1-3 (the advanced courses), weekly/monthly workshops, one-on-one coaching/journal reviews, and the live trading room. What I like the most about CTU’s teaching style is that they give you the tools and knowledge to trade all on your own. Fausto doesn’t want and doesn’t expect you to copy his trades in the stocks he’s trading. 

In the beginning, I was instructed to paper trade, journal my trades and to switch to 100 shares of real money ONLY when I’m profiting a net 20 cents consistently. This was great advice because most new traders expect to be instantly profitable only to end up blowing up their account.

It took me about 4 months until I was comfortable trading real money at 100 shares a trade, and then another 4 to 5 months until I was ready to trade with 500 to 1000 shares.

I can say with certainty that signing up with Cyber Trading University was the best thing I’ve ever done for my trading. 

Is Cyber Trading University a Scam?

If you’ve been following the online trading world for a bit, you’ll know that some trading educators get a lot of flak for being so-called ‘gurus’ who take money from their students while not even knowing how to trade themselves! 

There’s a lot of crap out there, so I understand the skepticism. Every day it seems like there’s a new fresh-faced trading expert who wants your money.

What I liked about CTU was that they’ve been in the trading education business for over 20 years and have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.  CTU is also endorsed by more top companies and brokerages than any other school in the industry.

Cyber Trading University Review

So, to answer the question that I mentioned I read in a forum post:

 Cyber Trading University is certainly NOT a scam! 

Here are a few more questions that a new trader might have when looking into CTU:

If Fausto makes so much money in daytrading, why does he waste his time teaching people?

  • I’m sure Fausto gets this one a lot since I’ve heard him explain this one before. Fausto didn’t start a school because he needed the money. He started a school because at the time (in the late ’90s) there was no education for retail traders at home. Fausto built the first daytrading chatroom in an effort to teach new traders and to build a strong community that could work together trading the markets.

If Fausto profits in every trade, why doesn’t he show his broker statements? 

  • Fausto never claims that he never loses trades and has said many times that he doesn’t show his broker statements because of the legal issues that could result from it. Plus, if he did, I’m sure there would still be skeptics calling it fake. And why shouldn’t they? I’ve personally seen a few trading mentors post “verified broker statements” of their papertrading account or they used Photoshop on their real statement.

Fausto’s a great teacher, but why don’t I see him live

  • Here’s the thing, Fausto doesn’t usually live trade in his free webinars because he dedicates an entire portion of his advanced course to live trading! Fausto trades on his live account, shows his DOM, and walks you through his trades and his thought process when entering and exiting the stock. 

What Other Students Have to Say…

Now, I’m just one man with an opinion. I felt it might be necessary to include this video (see below) to show you what my fellow students are saying:

Video taken from CTU’s youtube page:

Cyber Trading University also has great reviews on their Facebook page: 

To see more Facebook reviews, click here.

Cyber Trading University Review
Cyber Trading University Review
Cyber Trading University Review

Why I Made This Site…

I have no financial incentive from CTU by writing this review. I’m not an affiliate. I’m not a partner. Fausto didn’t pay me for this. 

So you might be asking, why do I care? Why did I go through the trouble of creating this site?

The reason is simple: I want more friends in the trading room!

And it’s not because I’m lonely.

More traders = stronger trading community = more eyeballs scanning the market = better trade ideas and more profitable trades for all!

Low risk, high reward. Simple math.